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Sima Required Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a leading education consultancy in Nepal operating since 9 years, specializing in test preparation classes for students aspiring to study abroad. Our dedicated team of educated counselors focuses on providing accurate career advice and ensuring visa success. With a strong reputation, we offer the best test preparation classes, counseling, and reliable services. We have established partnerships with universities in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, and Denmark. Our goal is to guide students through the global education system, avoiding the pitfalls of misinformation and ensuring a smooth transition to foreign lands.

To be recognized as the premier education consultancy in Nepal, SIMA Required Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. envisions a future where every student receives comprehensive and accurate guidance for successful international education endeavors. We strive to be a trusted name, setting benchmarks in test preparation, counseling, and consultancy services.

At SIMA Required Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., our mission is to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful international education journey. We aim to provide top-notch test preparation classes, reliable counseling, and seamless visa assistance. Our dedicated team is committed to fostering strong partnerships with renowned universities globally, ensuring our students receive accurate and up-to-date information. We aspire to guide students through the intricacies of the global education system, helping them make informed decisions and achieving success in their pursuit of education abroad.


Sima is wonderful organization with help full team. Thanks to Sima Required Consultancy . We wish you a very bright future ahead to Sima.

Nanu Ghale, Japan

Team SIMA has been an incredible source of support, and I’m grateful for it.

Samjhana Khadka, Australia

” All of the members of SIMA were impossible to believe! I felt that they genuinely cared about my abroad education career and did everything they could to assure that I got the best experience possible. I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Suprina Basnet, Australia

Every member of SIMA was truly remarkable! I feel blessed to have the unwavering support of Team SIMA !!

Rashmi Khadka, UK

I want to express my gratitude to Team SIMA for their genuine interest in my academic journey abroad and their rentless efforts, continuous support I receive from them!

Subash Gopali, Australia

The commitment of the SIMA team was truly remarkable! Their genuine interest in my education abroad and their tireless efforts is something I am thankful for!

Rahul Ghale, Australia

Thankyou Team SIMA!!  For the sincere dedication to my international educational journey and the commitment ensuring I had an exceptional experience, left me completely satisfied.

Sapan Basnet, Australia


I extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of SIMA Required Consultancy. Congratulations on taking the first step towards fulfilling your dreams of studying abroad! Embarking on an educational journey in a foreign land is a significant and transformative experience, and we are here to guide and support you every step of the way. We understand that choosing the right destination and program might seem like a daunting task. At SIMA Required Consultancy, we recognize the diverse and exceptional opportunities available around the world. Whether it’s the vibrant academic atmosphere in Australia, the innovation hubs in the USA, the rich cultural heritage of Japan and the UK, or the academic excellence in Canada – we are here to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your aspirations. Many of you may currently find yourselves unsure about the path ahead, and that is perfectly normal. Our team at SIMA Required Consultancy is dedicated to providing personalized assistance to address your concerns and guide you towards a fulfilling educational experience. We believe in the power of education to shape your future, and we are committed to helping you make the right choices that will set you on the path to success. Your dreams are important, and we are excited to be a part of your journey towards achieving them. SIMA Required Consultancy is not just a consultancy service; we are your partners in education, ready to support you in turning your aspirations into reality. Welcome to a world of possibilities, and let us work together to make your study abroad experience truly enriching.

Best Wishes,

Dhurba Thapa
Managing Director
SIMA Required Consultancy


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