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Right of StatueKathmandu Nepal

Enabling students and professionals to take best advantage of their educational opportunities. Introducing the Global experience and exposures of education system in multicultural environment. Developing professionals of diverse field competent to cope up with globally change environment.

To be the recognize as one of the most trusted International educational consulting company in the globally competitive world. To be instrumental in uplifting the living standards of students as well as professionals by pursuing higher educational attainment abroad through our affiliate college/universities worldwide. To empower high sense o nationalism to the heart of Nepali students and or professionals so that upon completion their chat zona las palmas particular endeavor abroad they will voluntarily return to their motherland and help build a strong nation of Nepal. To broaden the knowledge and skills of Students/Professional enhancing the Productivity at high level capacity avoiding mediocrity. The driving force of the company was started by two young visionary aims to provide a total customer satisfaction service in these ever je contacte femme ephemere changing world. At a very short span of them it has managed to gain counterparts from UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Poland, Belarus, Bangladesh, Cyprus and many more countries.

Educational Consulting:

We follow proven method of student consulting services where we first access student profile, preference, background, objective then will also access their socio-economic factor then provide the relevant , accurate and comprehensive advice and information then we will also access their entry requirement for their chose course and provide them exist outcome after course completion. All our service and offer based on our contractual agreement with education provider to compliance our quality service. We believe that outcomes are the reason that student wishes to take the course , skills and qualification that the student gains by doing the course and other intangible outcomes like cultural experience of the destination country, contacts with local people and other international students, cultural or sporting pursuits, travel and sightseeing and so on, we will help student to drive their professional career after their course completion so our consulting support will start from entry requirement to exist out comes to professional pathway of the students and businessman. Educational Exchange Program: Sima Required Consultancy also caters to students and /or professionals interested to gain and explore more knowledge in the Field of,education, hospitality and hotel management, office management, sales and marketing to name a few. The duration of the program range from our 4 to twelvemonths sometimes last until eighteen months depending on the need of the sponsor or host countries like China, Canada, Norway, Germany, United States and Australia. In this program the students and /or professional must be currently enroll or gainfully employ respectively to gain entry. The salary normally is at par with the counterparts from different nationalities around the World. The good things about the program is earning while you can optimum exposure in high technology facilities plus developing personality innate at its Most.