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Sima Required Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is one of the well-established consultancies whose aim is to provide test preparation classes for those students who want to be a part of abroad study. We are delighted to introduce ourselves as an education consultancy in Nepal, working as “Sima RequiredConsultanc  Pvt Ltd.” We think that each student is unique, with different interests and qualities that must be guided carefully. Sima Required Consultancy has a strong reputation for delivering clients with the best career advice and visa success stories. Along with a team of highly educated counselors and international university graduates who are more focused on career advising, where choosing the correct course and university is just the beginning. best test preparation classes including counseling and offering high quality and reliable services. Over the past few years, foreign universities and educational institutions have come to play an important role in the Indian education scene. And, Indian students are increasingly looking at these institutions, as being the one-stop destination for quality education. Moreover, foreign institutions too have been wooing these very students through education fairs, seminars and counseling sessions. Following are the preferred destinations for international education. We are established with the aim to be a part of the global education system. There are several consultancies misleading the students, as a result, they have faced several problems in the foreign land. However, we are established with the aim to demolish all those problems the students have to face because of the lack of proper guidance and counseling. We have made a proper and harmonious relation with several universities mainly in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, and New-Zealand . Besides these we don’t provide any sorts of service and we don’t even want to confuse the students.



I am eternally grateful to the entire Sima team for their continuous commitment to making my study abroad dream a reality. I was able to obtain my visa to study in Australia in a short period of time.

Rasmi Khadka, UK

My experience with Sima Required Consultancy has been incredible. They have always provided the greatest advice and direction. My visa was approved earlier than expected thanks to the team.

Merina Chaudhary, UK

I am eternally grateful to the entries Sima Required Consultancy team for their continuous commitment to making my study abroad dream a reality. I was able to obtain my visa to study in Australia in

Sapan Basnet, AUSTRALIA

It has been a pleasing experience for me to be guided by such a highly qualified and experienced senior. Their guidance has helped me  my life shall be in my destination country. I wish them all the good luck for the service they offer to the students.

Rahul Ghale, AUSTRALIA

I am very thankful to Sima Required Consultancy. Because of them today I am studying in Diploma of community service in Australia.They have helped me right from selecting course to getting admission & visas.

Suprina Basnet, AUSTRALIA

Australia  is one amazing place I always wanted to study. A place where I can live proper life as well, not a hectic one. Australia has provided me the opportunity i am pursuing Graduate Diploma of Information Technology.

Jenisha Rai, AUSTRALIA

I would like to commend Sima  Required Consultancy for the great service provided to help me with my Australia student visa application. My counselor has assisted me with my application and did an excellent job. She spent a good time explaining the process to me.

Subash Gopali, AUSTRALIA

I consider the day lucky when stepped into the Sima Required Consultancy Today l am pursuing Japan. This is possible due to their expert guidance and all round services and support.

Samjhana Khadka, JAPAN

I felt blessed being a part of the Sima. The staff was so good and polite in nature .The work by them was excellent and speed .Within no time they have done my all process like admission fees and Visa process.

Nanu Ghale, JAPAN


Dear Students/Parents,

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you all in Sima Required Consultancy Pvt.ltd . You know I can’t express how delighted I’m to you all that you choose us and give us the opportunity to guide you and motivate you through the path of international study. I know it’s not an easy path to think about some foreign university or colleges but trust us we make that way far easier. “Moving you Forward” that’s our slogan. And we actually help you to move forward in your career path. We all are born equally talented. However, we can’t be excellent on our own. Sometimes we need some sorts of guidance or motivations no matter how talented we are or how confident we are. Like it says, nobody is perfect. But trust us, we bring out those perfections from you.


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